Specific tools for Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy psychologist

Specific tools for Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy psychologist

Save time ! 
Work more effiencly  !

A tool created for you

Designed with psychologists specializing in CBT

Find your “Functional analyses” shared with your patient, “Exposure exercises”, “Behavioral activation exercises”, the “Emotion regulation” module and the “Three positive moments” that they can choose each day. 

Create your psychometric evaluation tools and share them with your patients. The results appear on your dashboard as charts. You can configure these exercises from your dashboard, and your patient can find their tools in their app. The evaluations and results are synchronized instantly.
Then you can quickly see your patient’s progress through therapy.


The patient enters their observations for “problem situations” they experience with regards to their thoughts, emotions, consequences, etc. The data is synchronized simultaneously in your space.

Exposure and behavioral
activation exercises

From your dashboard, see the history of exposures or tasks and quickly see your patient’s progress.

Emotion regulation

From your space, create cardiac coherence and relaxation exercises for your patient. You can add your own audio files.

Scales with single or multiple categories

You can enter scales, create them or share those in our database with your patients. See results in your space as charts and tables highlighting your patient’s progress.
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