A set of tools to make your everyday routine easier as a psychologist

A set of tools to make your everyday routine easier as a psychologist

The first system that contains all the tools you need each day in one place, and which supports your patients during their therapy.


We simplify your everyday work as much as possible, offering simple, quick and effective solutions to complete each task linked to your consultations.


Patient support between sessions and throughout therapy is a crucial aspect of our project.

Go digital

Put away your pen and paper: all the tools are digital and centralized in the same place.


To lighten your daily workload, lots of other features

In order to better support you to manage your time linked to consultations, we have decided to centralize your “everyday” tools. Take advantage of a therapist dashboard with a diary, space for the patient record, a payment and invoicing system, a video consultation tool and websit.

An online diary to manage
your appointments

Thanks to your dashboard, all appointments made on
our website are centralized.

A record for each of
your patients

From your pro space, find all your patients and click
to access their record.

A payment and invoicing system

The patient has access to a fully secure platform to make payment using the bank details you have provided.

A video consultation tool

Simple and practical, hold secure video consultations. You have a note taking module and you can navigate through your patient’s record at the same time.
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