An app : accompaniment
between sessions, at your fingertips.

An app : accompaniment
between sessions, at your fingertips.

The first app that supports the patient through their Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


The results of your patients’ daily exercises are synchronized, accessible and easy to interpret on your dashboard.

Save your time

You enter your data. They are directly synchronized with your therapist’s account. You save time on the next session!


Only your therapist has access to your data. They are hosted in France and protected according to the legislation in force.

The patient app

Why choose AppTCC to support you ?

Why CBT, and what is it?

AppTCC is an app that turns CBT digital. It can support your patient during their therapy, structuring and simplifying their daily life.
Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a brief, time-limited therapy whose effectiveness has been proven scientifically for many conditions.
The therapy focuses on the interaction between an individual’s
thoughts, emotions and behaviors in a given situation to identify and understand the difficulties they face.
CBT relies on a direct and collaborative relationship between the therapist and the patient. Its approach is tailored to each individual, and it aims to actively change the difficulties experienced now  by trying out new ways of thinking and new behaviors.


Because it is important to experiment with new tools, to practice these practices every day, find the daily follow-up of your breathing exercises, meditation, cardiac coherence etc. on your emotional management module. 

Exposure exercises

If you suffer from OCD or phobias, for example, your therapist will suggest, among other things, that you expose yourself to situations that you will discuss and prepare together during the session. You will carry out these exposures between two consultations. Exposure as frequently as possible being a success in its own right, AppTCC will accompany and support you during these exposures.


Your psychologist may suggest that you fill out scales or questionnaires to assess anxiety, mood, etc. You have a secure space to fill out these scales which will be transmitted directly to your therapist. You will be able to follow the evolution of these values over time via a graph on your patient space.

And still other tools for your therapy...

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